Saturday, November 8, 2008

Call of Duty 5: World at War LAN Fix

This memory patch will enable you to join LAN servers. The server does not need it, only the clients need it.

If you can't switch to nazi zombie mode, the host must type "ui_mapname map" in the console.

ex: "ui_mapname nazi_zombie_prototype" will change to the zombie map the game comes with

Source + Binary:

Signature for

Version: GnuPG v1.4.9 (GNU/Linux)


Check this comment for how to play over the latest Hamachi.
Thanks WickedPlayer.

Here is an alternate patched executable for version 1.0 only:

MD5: C5686DD25CC9158F2F081C5F6A851BA5
SHA-1: E38606320E80EB60528E9C8A3A4B7C5A26865164
SHA-512: 78B67BACDA6F1E6DF8E88DF543F739CE8C5C81A6846C26954037F6AC47CF9DBF07D66218C271C55A0558585F80B52276CB0552B56803D88B173EC233E3D51AB9
Whirlpool: 948B0C53699DA040B4B928474468DF4722E8512C2DD4A240E4909C6F5A62B75016780F8FD13F2E3DF5732B74917C95D547B011774CA1B758F87177013A7526BE


Anonymous said...

can you make a crack for the patched 1.1 version ? LAN fix to play coop and zombie modes?

Anonymous said...

When i try to run it it says:
ERROR: Could not find zone 'C:\WINDOWS\system 32\zone\english\code_post_gfx.ff

Any idea what i'm doing wrong?

Anonymous said...


Downloaded it again, it works fine now

Ignore the last comment


Anonymous said...

I want to play with my name plz can you help me ....

Longpoke said...

I dunno what's up with the profiles in this game. I just went to:

%USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\Activision\CoDWaW\players\profiles

And deleted all the profiles except for the one noted in Active.txt.

Then I changed the entry in active.txt and the profile folder name.

JT117 said...

Does this patch allow us to play the coop mode with hamachi ?

Longpoke said...

Coop always worked with hamachi, you just need to set it up right.

I'm not sure if the client or server or both need to do this but here goes:

1 - Start hamachi and join a network

2 - Disable all your adapters from the Network Connections menu in Windows, except for the virtual Hamachi adapter, then start the game

3 - Once you are in the game menu, re-enable whatever adpaters you disabled.

You should now be able to host or join a game through LAN.

The game has multiple issues that may or may not be fixed using this method:

1 - For some reason, the UDP broadcasts don't route through hamachi even when the routing table has the hamachi devices with metric 1 for

I think this method fixes it because it bumps up the priority of the Hamachi adapter.

2 - The wrong device gets bound when you have multiple adapters. I think the packets expect to be received through your LAN device, but they come through 5.x.x.x instead causing some more crap to break. (It complains about unregistered address 5.x.x.x in the debug messages as well)

3 - There seems to be some timeout which is set extremely low, and over hamachi it takes up to 3 seconds to connect sometimes. I suggest disabling the Encryption and Compression, or just leave the compression on in Hamachi.

Me and a friend spent a whole day fixing these problems so we could do coop over the internet, we eventually just switched to a VPN, which worked a lot better than Hamachi. We used the same method mentioned at the top of this comment.

If anyone has had success getting the game to run please post feedback.

Anonymous said...

I get the same error:
ERROR: Could not find zone 'C:\WINDOWS\system 32\zone\english\code_post_gfx.ff


Longpoke said...

OOH. Sorry, it's only for version 1.0. Maybe you have 1.1?

JT117 said...

Coop works fine with Hamachi but Hamachi 1.0.3 do not work.
With the my and my friend do not need to do anything else, just star hamachi then launch the game.
Have fun ^^

Anonymous said...

hey there .. Ive got little problem with this LAN fix .. games not running couse "binkw32.dll cannot be found" and its sain reinstal might help ... :) huh .. can ya help me?

Longpoke said...

It's only for version 1.0, and you pobably need the leaked version by RELOADED because it's not the same as the full retail.

bOoStEd SS said...

Any update on getting co-op to work using hamachi or vpn? My buddy and I are trying to use hamachi and when I host he cannot connect to me.

If we get our VPN working is there anything special that needs done to get our game to show up with eachother?

tonybrown19 said...

to play mutliplayer open multiplayer game when it ask for game profile select cancele them go to option then turn on your console then go to this website pick a cracked servers then past then play online

Anonymous said...

Please make one for 1.1!


Longpoke said...

I can't really make one for 1.1 because it's not cracked and I don't have the game disks.

I could make a trainer like app though but you would have to run it after you open the game. I'm not sure if it would work because the protection might still be active while the game runs.

Maybe someone could try to attach a debugger to 1.1 while it's running and see if it still works?

HansJoseph said...

Longpoke, can you explain me how to make a VPN, because the client cant connect to the one i made
he gets an erroer message that the host does not answer

Anonymous said...

f8230 said...

I am trying to play coop in LAN through VPN. The connection is set up correctly, server and client ping each other.
Unfortunately when a game is hosted, the other endpoint doesn't see it in the list. We tried via console using localservers, connect but none of it helped.
We also tried to start the game with all networks deactivated except for the VPN adapter and still no result.
Any hint on what's going wrong?
Thanks a lot in advance

bOoStEd SS said...

Get Hamachi Works perfect

Anonymous said...

Don't suppose any knows how to create more than one profile for playing an a LAN so player information (ranks kills etc) are stored?

Anonymous said...

COD5 Profiles are stored in the path:
%USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\Activision\CoDWaW\players\profiles

COD4 Profiles are stored in the path:

pierre said...

Thanks for the first fix!
My problem is that when I join a PB server, PB kicks me and says something about corrupted memory. Could that jave something to do with the crack?

Hoping for a 1.1 crack soon..


Longpoke said...

Yep. PunkBuster will kick you for having a modified code segment in any game. Even when it's used for legitimate purposes.

I reccommend only using this fix on LAN, and start COD:WAW from the normal executable when joining PunkBuster servers.

If you are playing on LAN, I see no reason to use PunkBuster.

Punker said...

This LAN Fix worked perfectly for me on the 1.1 version, friend and me played Co-Op succesfully over Hamachi using this fix!


RAWR said...

Would be great if we could get a 1.1 crack since there is starting to be custom maps and mods for single player

FriedCoD said...

could you PLEASE! make a LAN fix for codwaw 1.1
ive made a custom zombie map to play with a friend on LAN, and it doesnt work because the game runs in 1.0 somehow (coding of the lan fix i suppose)

this LAN fix works for the game, but not custom maps.

Anonymous said...

Any news about 1.1 Lan fix ?
My friend and i really want to play custom zombie maps :(

Longpoke said...

I don't have a real copy of CoD:WaW, so it's hard to know if the patch will work or not, however, if someone dumps an image of their game and uploads it somewhere I could use that to make the fix work on version 1.1.

1) Open version 1.1 CodWaW.exe single, attach ollydbg (download ollydbg 1.10 from
2) Press ALT+E to bring up the modules list
3) Right click on CodWaW.exe and press dump module.

Upload that somewhere and I will be able to update the fix.

Steve said...

heres the hex dump and the original exe. i hope this is what you're looking for...

(dont download this if you don't need it, it has a 10 download limit)

Steve said...


Anonymous said...

Patch for 1.1 is available on gamecopyworld.

Is there anyway you can play mods on LAN? They do not show up in your fixed LAN but they do show up in an original game.

Anonymous said...

No its not. Thats the multiplayer patch. We're looking for the single player/coop patch.

Longpoke said...

Okay I'll make it. I hope this dump is from version 1.1 though...

Anonymous said...

Crack for 1.1 by TRiViUM is available at gamecopyworld..

Anonymous said...

yeah but not lanfixed

Anonymous said...

only works for play single

Longpoke said...

Okay I made it... I hope it works on version 1.1 as I only have 1.0, that image Steve posted didn't seem to have any code in it.

Anonymous said...

You did it?
Where is it?
Please post it

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all Longpoke. Nothing to add. You did an amazing work. Let's prey 1.1 wouldn't be a problem for you.

Anonymous said...

thnx u longpoke!
But i can't play game because game mode doesn't change..
i try to click on it but still it's campaing co-op.
i guess problem caused by crack..
we need to wait for a working crack :(

Anonymous said...

Here is CoDwaw.exe 1.1

Longpoke said...

lies, how do we know that's not malware?

I would trust or for a no-cd crack.

So does the LAN fix work or not? It should probably be tested with the CD/DVD and original exe, im sure you can pass the disk around in a LAN game. Otherwise you have to wait for someone to properly crack v1.1 :/

WickedPlayer said...

Lan fix works only for 1.0 version. If you want to play with mods u need version 1.1. On gamecopyworld you can find SP 1.1 crack but it dont works when you are trying to play over LAN. So we need LanFix1.1. It would be great if some1 make this crack :)

pillouter said...

longpoke, in your last post u said that u made the 1.1 fix but i see no link to it, where is it ?

thanks for this great work! this really rocks!

pillouter said...

ok i found it and i downloaded the source + bin ; but where do i need to put the files, right now i copied the files located in the bin folder the the cod-installation folder and did as you said but that didn't work :s
is there anything else i need to do ?

Anonymous said...

the cracked exe on gamecopyworld is from a version of the game that isn't able to access the nazi zombie content, making it pretty worthless :/

earl said...

yeah but how do we use the lanfix he posted above ? it has a bin and a source folder both with files in it, but, just like pillouter, i don't know where to put the folders and/or files :s please help me, you're doing a great job with these fixes!

WickedPlayer said...

Readme is inside. Just read it.
Now i am testing this fix. I will tell you if it works.

WickedPlayer said...

HAHAHAHAHA IT WORKS!!! u and your friends must apply fix and you can play over LAN :D(version 1.1). Creator you are great. Big THX!!!

D@rkN3ss said...

We try the new crack for 1.1 version, the mod appear in mod's list, but when i open the room, it isn't possible to choose Zombi Mode.
We try with the command "ui_mapname -namemap-" for choose the custom maps, but when we start to play, it say that we have the same key.
Why ?

pillouter said...

@ wickedplayer:
i read the readme but i can't get it to work; would you be kind enough to tell me exactly which folders/files you put where; trough which cracked .exe you started the game and in what sequence you start your game (i launch the game, pressed SPACE to skip the intro, then when in main menu i press my windows button to minimize it and i started atom.exe, i can see the atom pic for a short time, than i click mods in my game; start the mod; go to co-op but i can't change the gamemode of the game i start :s) please help me out that would be awesome!!!!!

pillouter said...

for the record, i placed tha atom.exe and the atom.ini file in the installation folder of cod waw; and i made sure that the name in the .ini and the name of the cod.exe i use are the same

please i really need your help wickedplayer :D

Anonymous said...

D@rkN3ss: as I said above, the cracked exe on gamecopyworld for 1.1 is GERMAN version of CoD:WAW. and German version was coded to not allow you to run zombie mode. It also seems that the 1.1 patch actually added extra protections to stop you from loading nazi zombies in german exe as you can no longer change the language variable through /language. Someone will need to either patch the german exe to support zombie mode, or we will have to wait for a cracked english exe

pillouter said...

i downloaded the 1.1 crack from; it said it was russian version but that it might work with english as well; when i start the crack everything is in english but i can't switch my co-op game to zombie mode so i don't think the kind of crack has something to do with it

WickedPlayer said...

You cant play zombie on coop on version 1.1. Something is fucked up. With this atom crack you can only play normal coop with ur friends. Wait for other crack. This crack is fucking everything. You cant even chage map to zombie.

Anonymous said...

@WickedPlayer you can play zombie maps if you manually load them through ui_mapname at the lobby screen


Anonymous said...

I can comfirm the lanfix worked for me. I had to do the /ui_mapname at the lobby screen.

pillouter said...

thank you very much!!! i managed to change maps now!!

does the client have to run the lanfix as well ? (he does have to have the same mode loaded right ?)

Anonymous said...

Thx to ::ATOM:: Great work!

Once again:
-Download your custom Map
-Put them into the right folder
-Run the Lanfix 1.1
-Load your Mod/Map!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-for SP: open console -> type: map "map_name"
(f.e. map nazi_zombie_subway)
-for Coop: Join the Lobby, open console -> type: ui_mapname "map_name"
(f.e. ui_mapname nazi_zombie_subway)


Longpoke said...

Thanks guys, I never even tried it yet.

I will test the last guy's method tonight and update the post once I see it working.

Only the client(s) have to run the patch. The server does not need it.

Anonymous said...

Does this Fix Let you play standard MP?

I use the LANFixed EXE, Execute Atom, Bring up the game, and then select Multiplayer. Since this launches the MP EXE, I'm thinking this method doesn't work for LAN MP play.

I even tried pointing Atom to the MP EXE, but it doesn't seem to work.

Should this work? What am I doing incorrectly?

Any help would be great!

Stadion said...

Zombie via Hamachi:

We tried it yesterday and it works.
- everybody use the lanfix from gamecopyworld (Call of Duty: World at War v1.1 LAN FIX)
- everybody choose the mod (map you want to play)
- the server open a new Lobby
- all clients should enter Lobby now
- change the map (console: "ui_mapname nazi_zombie_****")
- start the game and have fun


Anonymous said...

that big README1ST.TXT file with the gamecopyworld crack explained what to do pretty well

hopefully someone will remove the dvd protection from the english 1.1 exe though

Longpoke said...

Okay I tested it with the TRiViUM crack from, and my lan patch, and it works fine. The server must type ui_mapname xxxx, as people have said.

TM said...

thx man i owe you alot :)

pillouter said...

your crack works great (but just to be sure when i play lan both the host and the client type th "ui_mapname" thing in the console)

thanks a lot!! i know use the trivium crack from gamecopyworld because it is a bit easier to use but it is based on your lanfix, so the credits go to you :d

Anonymous said...

For MP you have to load the PrivateServer Patch 1.1 from GCW.
Its a cracked MP.exe which allows you to play MP maps without CD.

Anonymous said...

Hey everyone, I'm still using the 1.0 Lan fix but I got some problems. A friend of mine just upgraded from XP to Vista x64 and can't find my server nor can I find his server. I am using Vista 32bit. But another friend of mine which are using XP can see our servers and join both of us. But we Vistas can't join eachother. Neither can we see the server that the XP guy creates. Anyone got a clue on what we can do to fix our little problem?

WickedPlayer said...

Set your hamachi network as primary If: Can't see any server, can't Connect, 2000ms ping or Black Screen while connecting.
If you can't connect to coop server go by this solution:
If you have a router (local network ip like or etc.) you need to forward port for TCP and UDP protocol for hamachi, then set them in hamachi. If you have public ip and don't use router to connect with internet go next step for XP or Vista.
Configuration of ports in hamachi is in Configuration - Detailed Configuration.

For Windows XP:
1) Get the newest hamachi (
2) Go to your Network Connections folder in Control Panel (Start -> All programs -> Accessories -> Communications -> Network Connections)
3) Open Advanced (on the toolbar) and there Advanced settings, and there you will have your Connections: Local Area Connection, Hamachi etc. Move the Hamachi on the top of the list with up and restart your computer.
4) Then start the game with the LANFixed.exe. (Make sure your firewall and router don't block hamachi.)
5) Screens: Advanced settings view in network connections, Hamachi first on list in Advanced Settings window

For Vista
1) Start -> Control Panel
2) Control Panel - Network and Sharing Center
3) Network and Sharing Center -> Manage Network Connections
4) Hit Alt to pop up the toolbar
5) Advanced -> Advanced Settings
6) Use the Arrows on the right hand side to make Hamachi on the top
7) Go back to Network Connections after hitting ok Right-click Hamachi network adapter Properties and select IPv4 and hit properties again
8) Select Use the Following IP Address: and enter this info. IP Address: The one that hamachi gives you when you log on. It might change after restarting so remember how to get here. Subnet Mask: Default Gateway: DNS Info: Leave blank.
9) At that menu hit Advanced. At the bottom set the interface metric to 10. CLICK HERE FOR SCREENSHOT
10) Hit OK>OK>Close to get back to network connections.
11) Go Back to Control Panel and select Windows Firewall.
12) Hit Change Settings
13) Select Advanced Tab
14) De-select Hamachi and hit Ok.
15) Restart your machine.
16) Join any game you like.
Note: If hamachi gives you an error upon starting it means it changed your ip. You need to re-do step 9.

I wrote tutorial for u. I have vista my friend has xp and we can play. Good luck with hamachi

Longpoke said...

Wow! I didn't even know that advanced menu exists! Thanks lots, this should fix all future Hamachi problems with the broadcasts not reaching where they should reach.

xandralfus said...

thanks so much for the ui_mapname thing ... been finding some way around it

Longpoke said...

You can also do custom maps like this:

1) Put the map folder in %USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\CoDWaW\mods\
(If the mods folder isn't made, make one)

2) Load the game, go to the mods menu and select the map you want to play

3) Use ui_mapname %mapname% in the game lobby. Where %mapname% is the name of the map.

Slh said...

Hey guys, me and my friends are trying to run coop.. we did the following:

we patched to 1.1 and we all have the latest lanfix crack or w/e..
We have the hamachi.. firewalls turned off, all of us on vista..
When one of us hosts a lan, we can't see each other in 'find game' ..
console connecting doesnt work either..

Could someone very please just give me a brief tutorial on how to manage to do the basic coop, we don't even want the zombie shizzle yet.
Thank you very much.

WickedPlayer said...

Man u are an idiot or what? I ve just posted big tut how to make hamachi works. Use ur eyezz...

Slh said...

I've well used them sir.
Yet it fails to work.
Watch your ruddy language.

Anonymous said...

Real Crack for US Version has been released by ViTALiTY!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's available at gamecoypworld.

Eddie said...

When i use the ViTALiTY 1.1 Crack in LAN Coop, i get an error like "your key is already in use."

We need a LANFixed.exe for 1.1 that removes the cd-key-check.

Is ith possible to create it!? *please*

Anonymous said...

I get the "key already used" too with the vitality crack :(

Anonymous said... lanfix'd vitality exe

x0d$- said...

That last crack doesn't work with zombie mod :S with 1.1 installed
Can anyone get a crack that work in 1.1 patch? plz

Anonymous said...

A-Squared says the atom.exe LAN fix is a virus. Is that normal?

Longpoke said...

There is no malware in the files, be sure to use GnuPG or OpenPGP to verify the integrity of the files I post on this site. You can compile from the source code if you are suspicious.

Skyd said...

So everything works using the ui_mapname or /map (for single player). My only question is, the zombie heads are no longer exploding or popping on headshots...

Anyone else have the problem?

Longpoke said...

that happens to me as well, also the multiplier bonuses are in zombie mode weather that's good or not. There are probably some cvars that need to be set to have act normal.

Has anyone tried 1.2? Does it fix the menu?

Skyd said...

Found a chinese site containing a 1.2 lanfix patch:
(I DID NOT SCAN - BEWARE). I tried running the 1.2 lanfix patch on my currently 1.1 game and it fixes having to use ui_mapname (ie. you can switch maps in co-op mode without console).

Additionally...heads explode now =)

will test this lanfix on 1.2patched game.

Skyd said...

As mentioned previously,
A chinese site contains vitality's 1.2 lanfix file.

Just tested this in COD 1.2, and it seems to be working pretty well. You can select maps from within co-op (no need for console) and best of all zombie heads explode now. All my testing were done in single player (so no lan play yet).

Longpoke said...

I just zombie mode on v1.2 with the crack by ViTALiTY from here:

Now extract maps to here: (They should each have their own folder if they don't come in a folder)

%USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\Activision\CoDWaW\

Now run the game, press mods, switch to the map you want to play, go host a co-op game, switch to zombie mode, and the map will appear in the list.

Zion720 said...

Hey Longpoke,
I had a friend visit and grab that LAN fix, but after he downloaded it, McAfee identified it as a Trojan. Do you think it was just a false positive?

Longpoke said...


Anonymous said...

is there going to be a 1.3 lanfix patch (unless they actually fixed it in the patch)?

Anonymous said...

I have a problem, i just got the v1.4 patch with the map pack and my LAN fix dosent work anymore, it says "Binary signature was not found in memory". Is there going to be an update for this LAN fix or if not can someone point me to a different approach to use LAN? I already tried to get Hamachi to work but i couldn't get it to work even with step by step instructions.....Please Help!!

Longpoke said...

Okay I'll look into it soon.

Anonymous said...

How can you even load the game with 1.4, I can't find a no-cd crack anywhere...

Anonymous said...

Yep same problem here with 1.4 as far as i am aware no one has released a lanfix for 1.4 yet. Hope you will soon longspoke

Anonymous said...

hurry up with the lanfix 1.4

Anonymous said...

Just make it work, take You time.
Great work last release.
Waiting for CoD WaW 1.4 Lan Fix...
King regards!!!

MFkinG said...

LAN FIX for v1.4 is out on gamecopyworld!!

Best of luck!!

Anonymous said...


Buy the damn game on steam or in the store and stop causing prices of software to go up by pirating then you wouldn't have to complain about the price....

Longpoke said...

You're an idiot. If I want to play a game with my friends on LAN I'm not going to go spend $400 on 10 copies...

Anonymous said...

You should help jardeath buy a guitar. Only ~$85 USD.

Anonymous said...

This should help :)

Chork said...

thanks a ton for the lan fix! it's the only working solution i found for playing co-op with the same copy of the game over hamachi. however, after the recent update to patch 1.4, i get the same error message as anonymous from a few days ago, "Binary signature was not found in memory." i saw you said you'd look into it. do you plan on releasing the updated fix soon?

Anonymous said...

I used lan patch version 1.4 to play a lan game with a friend but i cannot find the game so i cannot join it. It work before and after put the patch 1.4 on cannot play a lan game. put the patch on. I tried everything and we had the same version

oxidonis2008 said...

OK, guys..

For all of you who want's to play CoD WaW 1.4 at home over Hamachi here it is:


Download this and extract to install folder and rename it if you wish in anyname but codwawmp.exe.
Add this exe to the desktop as shortcut and add this line to the exe in shortcut properties:

+set dedicated 2 +set ui_maxclients 8 +set sv_maxclients 8 +set sv_punkbuster 1 +exec server.cfg +map_rotate

(so it looked like this:
"C:\Program Files\Activision\Call of Duty - World at War\Server.exe" +set dedicated 2 +set ui_maxclients 8 +set sv_maxclients 8 +set sv_punkbuster 1 +exec server.cfg +map_rotate)


Extract this server.cfg to cod waw MAIN directory.


Extract this exe to install folder and DON'T rename it, just leave it like this - codwawmp.exe. This exe is also good for playing CoD WaW over internet via XFire, tested and it's working!!!
Add this exe to the desktop as shortcut.


Download, extract, Install. That's all. I hope that u know how to setup hamachi.

Now, for your LAN at home or with friend choose faster and better computer to be the server. He will FIRST START SERVER EXE. When server is loaded, all of you who want's to play now start codwawmp.exe and in FIND GAMES you WILL see the server join and have fun!

All of you, sure, must have hamachi running and be in the same room.


WickedPlayer said...

Yo it's WickedPlayer.
What's with the 1.7 lan fix? Some1 have some info? Post here please, alse check new hamachi 2.x.x great look!

Anonymous said...

I am having some problems figuring out what to do.
I am dutch but can read english fine, but im having trouble deceifering some information.

please make me a what to do list please? very much apreciated.

(ps when I try to host a game. COD WAW V1.2 (vitality crack from gamecopyworld)I only get to chose 1 zombie map, I need to complete it 1st right? xD)

Sorry for all the I's in the message but as I said, english is not my first language :)